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Thu, 17 Dec 1998 18:13:45 -0500

Joe E. Dees wrote:

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> > Since its their money to begin with, just because the government takes less
> > from them than you think they should does not make it welfare. Since
> > corporations cannot vote, why should they pay for government programs? Its
> > taxation without representation, the very principle we had the Revolution
> > over.
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> > YOU voted for the fat government programs YOU want. If you want them so bad
> > then YOU pay for it, dammit.
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> > Mike Lorrey
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> I'm also talking about government GIFTS to corporations; free
> airwave franchises which would bring billions if sold and bid on in
> free markets

As far as I know all airwave franchises are paid for, and were fairly bid on, except for the original television band assigned way back when, however all broadcasters pay for their frequency.

> , ridiculously low assessments for mineral rights,
> grazing rights, water rights and logging rights (far less than their
> market value) on public land (our land)

  1. if its undeveloped, i.e. no meanse of extracting the resources, then its not worth much. most of the cost goes into building roads, wells, dams, fences, etc.

> , subsidized irrigation to
> corporate agriculture, and cut-rate electricity to corporations.

Corporations get lower rates because they use more of it. Its called quantity discounting, just like any other business.

> You
> don't like welfare to the poor, eh? Then why do you favor it for the
> already wealthy (enough to lobby for such special treatment)?