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> In light of a recent thread, I find it somewhat appropriate to post
>this poem:
>Through ignorance and a determined pride
>The son of a god cast wisdom aside
>And took on a task he could not fulfill;
>Despite good intentions and no ill will,
>Clymene’s son Phaėton did not have the skill
>To handle the chariot of the sun
>As father Apollo had always done.
>But, alas! how stubborn pure youth can be,
>Causing foolishness and stupidity,
>Making reason as blind as bravery,
>Provoking insolence to fill the veins.
>Unknowing of truth, Phaėton seized the reins,
>And this he found out a moment too late:
>It was Phaėton who would cause Phaėton’s fate.
> By: E. Shaun Russell
>E. Shaun Russell Poet, Musician, Atheist, Extropic Artist
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