Re: Socialism

T.R. Fullhart (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 23:41:18 -0600

>>Duh... If there's no such thing as money or property (as you argue)
>>then there's no point in doing anything. There's no incentive. If
>>everything I earn actually belongs to society, then why earn anything?
>> If I am cared for by government why better myself?

You might want to read some Ayn Rand. Don't you have things that you want to do? Don't you like to do certain things? Under Socialism, you would be able to do the things you love and provide a service to your friends, family, and society. That might be kinda anti-individualist, but not if you do it because you love to do it and not because it makes you look good in front of others. I'm a generous person and I like to help people and do things and make things, unfortunately, capitalism in doing this as much as I would like. I defy Ayn Rand and I state that it is possible to be socialist and individualist, it's just a matter of prime motivation.

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