Re: [Re: financing your cryonic suspension...]

Jake Shannon (
16 Dec 98 18:25:53 PST

Patrick wrote:

>Why would we want to contact you? What are your skills/qualifications?
>What exactly are you selling?
>thanks, patrick


I am licensed to transact insurance in California and soon in Colorado. I also have series 6 and 63 licences for variable annuities and mutual funds. Beside working fulltime, I am in graduate school fulltime for financial engineering too(for more about financial engineering visit I've also started my own libertarian non-profit educational organization EVOLVE (the Eternally Vigilante Organization for Liberty, Verity, and Economy; see Anything else you want to know about me you will have to call me for. The SEC makes it difficult for me to communicate about my business via snail mail or email (I have to run everything through our compliance department) so if you or anyone you know is serious about financing cryonic suspension then contact me via email at with a phone number where you want me to reach you.

Jake Shannon

ps. Thanks for the encouragement Randy!

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