RE: FW: Property [was Re: The Education Function]
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 15:54:22 -0700

Steven writes:

> wrote:

>>>Steven wrote:
>>>I suspect that anarcho-capitalism [...] relies upon some wrong
>>>about human nature.

>>Such as?

>It's hard to say exactly. Perhaps that humans are infinitely adaptable,
>allowing them to switch PPFs or jobs or whatever in a completely rational

That's no part of anarcho-capitalism as I understand it. Smells like a red herring to me.

>Whenever I hear descriptions of anarcho-capitalist systems its
>always in dribs and drabs, focusing on some particular issue like
>or law enforcement. I'd have to at least see a large, integrated economic
>model operating in real-time before I could put a name to my doubts.

That'd be an interesting project. But it wouldn't convince anyone who wasn't willing to be convinced. We all have the history of failed interventionist policies before our eyes - there's a real-time model, if you will - yet the True Believers are still parroting the same tired nostrums (basically, we need more of the same) as if they've learned nothing. Which they haven't, because they don't want to.

>Certain Asian cultures have a much different perception of freedom
>and the value of freedom than Americans do.

No doubt, and that's precisely why they live in an economic quagmire.

Of course, Americans themselves differ widely in their views on freedom. Some claim the freedom to live off other people's efforts, for instance.

>If you don't want to give your money, yet you are forced to, then you are
>coerced. I don't think most people feel quite this way, however. At
>not to this extreme.

"Extreme" means nothing. Is my view correct, or is it not? I don't care how most people "feel". I wish most people would "feel" less and think more.

>Sure I'm willing to try [the market]. I don't really know how the value
>of the product we produce compares with the collective demand for it.

There's only one way to find out.

>Trust me, I'm not "in power".

To the extent that you're able to direct the use of people's property against their will, you *are* in power. That includes using my money to build a system I don't want to pay for. Take responsibility. It's therapeutic.

>Persecution of "criminals" in victimless crimes is an abomination that we
>must put an end to ASAP. Ditto for the laws that allow the government to
>seize property in drug-related cases prior to charging an individual with

At least we agree entirely on this much.