Re: The Education Function

Michael Scarazzo (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 11:27:46 -0800 (PST)

---"Joe E. Dees" <> wrote:
> > money. Through your own statement, you have concluded that
> > is bad. The corporations are given power by the government, because
> > the corporations make money. The government wants money for
> > Government allows certain corporations to flourish so that those in
> > government power gain from it. The government is the influence.
> > Without government (or at least as we know it today), those
> > corporations who would have tried to use your land that the
> > said they could use would have to compensate you, if you desired,
> > you to move. Today there is no check on government and that is the
> > problem. It is not the corporations who are seizing business
> > oppotunities.
> Wrong yet again. Have you ever heard the phrase "corporate
> welfare"? It's other meaning is "double citizen taxation." Of
> when taxes ARE assessed corporations, they just raise their prices,
> and the citizenry pay that way. Either way, mouth or ass, it's the
> citizen getting shafted and the corporation getting off scot-free
> actually, on the other end of the shaft)! Joe

How can you say that? I have described corporate welfare! The government/monopoly allows certain corporations to do what they want in exchange for money from the corporation. Yes, the citizen gets the shaft when the government interferes. You are correct. They get the shaft because of corporate taxes that are passed on to consumers in product price increases. They get the shaft because the government often allows exclusive markets to one or two companies, rather than permitting the rest of the market competitors to actually compete for consumer business. Look at the FCC/AT&T monopoly of old. What happened when the government monopoly was stopped and the market was opened? Competition began, prices began to drop, the products began to improve, and the progress away from poor products and poor pricing continues. Free markets without government intervention works.

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