Re: boycotting of corporations
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 13:45:46 -0700

Samael writes:
>Nestle offer free milk products to new mothers, they use these (not
>it through/knowing enough), tye then produce less milk (the mothers body
>automatically adjusts to produce less milk if it's not needed). They then
>can't afford to carry on with the products and most ofthem have no access
>fresh water anyway, so theycan't produce the milk for their children
>naturally or unnaturally.

So, let me get this straight...Nestle is somehow causing these unfortunate mothers to suddenly become stupid and deplete their own bodies' milk supply. Must be some nefarious new secret mind-control beam, eh? Bet the "governments" of the world would pay a pretty penny for that technology. Oh wait, why don't they just trump up an "antitrust" suit against Nestle and force them to give up the secret?

It's sickening to see you twist an act of benevolence (or at worst, PR) on Nestle's part into some monstrous conspiracy. I guess you have to come up with some kind of corporate misdeed to compare to the wholesale slaughter and destruction wrought by "governments" every day. But even if your suspicions are correct, there's simply no comparison.