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>>Why, precisely, do you think it's wrong to appropriate an unowned
>>Who's being wronged, and exactly how? Please avoid nebulous references to
>>"the people" or the "common good"; I don't speak that language. We exist
>>individuals, not as some mystical collective entity.
>>Where I say 'anyone' I don't mean 'the people', I mean "each and every
>Ok. So can you answer my questions? I'd like to know just wherein you think
>the wrong lies in appropriating an unowned resource. It might help me to
>understand your position, which, frankly, seems incoherent so far.

You are depriving somebody of something. This doesn't seem wrong to you? The grazing land they were using now has a fence around it. They can't dig up coal themselves, as some bugger hgot their fuirst, has put a fence and is digging it all up and selling it off, not letting anyone else do so themselves.
They can't live on spot X as someone else has cordoned it off, built a city block on it and demands to be paid to live there.