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>> >> What exactly is your objection to property as usually defined?
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>> >I think that his main objection is that he has none.
>> Not true. I have a house, a job, a computer and several thousands pounds
>> worth of books, CDs, videos, etc.
>> I'm a systems analyst, by the way, so I'm earning a few pounds here and
>> there.
>> To believe in an ideology does not mean that you would have to
>> benefit from it. I would expect myself to fall into the 'short term
>> category from taxation before the advantages of the system brought long
>> benefits.
>Well its good to see you're not a welfare layabout. However I sense that
>have a rather severe resentment against anyone who has more than you. Why
>this? Did someone take your toys away as a child? Humiliated by the rich
>Or were you born in a wealthy liberal household which was beset by guilt
for its

Do you always retreat to ad hominem attacks when you fail to attack someones ideas?
>Rather than just bitching about how property is theft, I suggest you
propose a
>detailed workable system under which resources are maximally utilized to
>all, given that all resources originally belong to nobody. If you can't
give a
>sufficient answer then please shut up with your socialist nonsense.

Already did so some tiem ago. Since the only objections were that 'it involves stealing', which I have already shown I don't believe, I assume you agreed with it in other respects.