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> > (Personally I prefer the Pournelle Political Axis)
> what is jerry pournelle's political axis? spike

Hmmmmmm...well I'm not just really good at explaining things...but I'll give it a shot.

The way I explain it to my trucker friends is rather please don't take offense.(not that truckers are childish...mostly...but humor helps pass the time)

Imagine a line...

At one end of this line is "government is peachy keen" At the other end is "government is yucky-poo"

Imagine another right angles to the first...(cartesian co ordinates system.)

At one end of this line is "rational" (scientific method) At the other end of this line is "mystical" (some things man is not ment to know)

Four quadrants are thus delinated...I fit in the "yucky-poo/rational" one.

Beats the pants off the simplistic and innaccurate liberal/conservative labels.

Edinberg Tx.