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> Ok, I'm sick of defending capitalism and tired of showing how the
> defense of government is a defense of coercion and violence against
> the individual.
> I think that this will all become a moot point once we have mature
> nanotechnology (MT). If MT can provide food, clothing, and shelter
> cheaply enough for the world's population that it can be given away
> for free, and if MT can eliminate manual labor, will there even be a
> point in having a government?
> In such a case will we still have a currency? If most people decide
> to take advantage of a labor free world and just lay around enjoying
> the luxuries of MT, what will fund the governments of the world? Will
> governments enscript people to perform menial labor tasks (manually
> built buildings, pyramids, etc) just to excersize some form of coercion?
> If MT provides Utility Fog which can be utilized (Active Shields?) to
> protect it's owner (wearer?) from most any kind of physical harm
> (except maybe huge explosions), how will the government be able to
> extort funds (assuming we still use currency)?
> If MT allows us to protect ourselves, gives us perfect health,
> drastically increases our education prospects, feeds us, clothes us,
> and shelters us, what use is the government?
> Those of you who still refuse to turn away from pro-government
> propoganda and see the alternatives, what will you do the day
> government becomes obsolete? Shouldn't we begin to prepare today?
Once people are uploaded, who will maintain the machine, internal maintainence? This would work for some problems, but not mechanical ones, which would require corporeal (bodily) repairers. These un-uploaded custodians would have the capacity to become edictators, whether the uploaded agreed or not. If someone has your brain in a jar (or in a hard drive) s/he owns you. Joe

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