Re: Final Challenge to Socialists

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>Samael wrote:
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>> >>Samael said:
>> >> You would call the bits accessible by everyone 'tax' and the bits you
>> >> allowed to keep 'property'.
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>> >Listen buddy, the resources were all good and paid for at the source.
>> I don't believe you _can_ buy them. The abstract concept of 'property'
>> breaks down to the denial of access to somebody. This appears to me to
>> wrong in much the same way as 'theft' is wrong. By finding a compromise
>> somewhere in between, we can come to a reasonable society.
>> Samael
>Of course you can buy them. Either they just sit there and nobody does
>with them, or somebody or every body organizes a system of making sure that
>everybody gets the maximum utility out of a given unit of resources. If the
>resources are offered to the highest bidder, then the original owner
>the government, which in a democracy is supposed to represent everybody) is
>getting maximum value for that resource. If you are getting the maximum
>for it, then you can hardly say it was stolen from you, unless it was sold
>without your permission. If you are a voluntary member of a body politic
>does not require your individual permission, then nothing was stolen from

How about renting it out rather than selling it. This gives a constant return for the government/population, does away with the need for taxation (at least partially) and means that you can't destroy the land because it doesn't belong to you.