Re: The Education Function
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 09:02:44 -0700

"Joe E. Dees" <> writes:

> [Manu wrote:]
>> So, I go for a government that would primarily have two
>> responsibilities: defense and diplomacy. Or do you think enterprises
>> could manage that too???

>What about as an instrument for preserving our environment (which
>the private sector has shamelessly trashed), a global problem not
>amenable to individual or corporate solutions, and guaranteeing
>basic human righrs for its citizens (which other citizens, and
>corporations, are, sadly, only too willing to abrogate, violate and/or

You couldn't possibly be more wrong if you tried, Joe. If you'll bother to check some facts, you'll find that the biggest polluters are invariably *governments*. Visit Eastern Europe or Moscow or any tyrannical third-world country and you'll find the worst environmental disasters, including barely-breathable air and fetid watercourses. Here in the USA - just for one example - the federal gov't is responsible for wholesale denudation of forest land which it claims, while the loggers plant more trees on their own lands than they harvest. The myth that government protects our environment against the "greedy businessmen" is one of the worst outright, baldfaced lies I've seen, another of the many attempts by the politicos to shift the blame for their own depredations. Here, as usual, government is the *problem*, not the solution.

As for government protecting our rights, har har har har har. Businesses can't "abrogate" anyone's rights because, unlike the territorial gangsters we call "government", they don't operate by armed force against the populace.