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>Michael Lorrey wrote:
>> Ayuh. Lessee, I own a whole weeks worth of flannel shirts, I drive a
Jeep, I own guns, and keep
>> my fishing pole in my Jeep. I carry enough tools in my Jeep that I can
probably handle anything
>> but an engine swap. I own four pairs of boots, and consider a buck knife
and my Leatherman tool
>> to be essential daily survival equipment. I have tire chains for my 4wd
>michael, for fear of reigniting the guns virus which ate us alive for
several weeks,
>ill refrain from commenting, but heres one thats extropian thread related:
i was
>at an extropians outing a few months ago and met a man who counsels people
>on how to extend their lives. one of the things we discussed was what kind
>car to drive. (!) i was mildly embarrassed as i was on a motorcycle at
the time,
>not the optimal vehicle for one who wishes to live long and prosper. i
>an f250 pickup, all the better to survive an accidental impact... {8^D

Life extension is all well and good, but it needs to be weighed up against quality of life. If you hate driving a pcikup and enjoy riding a motorcycle, would you rather spending ten years riding motorcycles or 100 years driving a pickup?