Dirt Cheap Line of Site Gigabit Laser Heads

my inner geek (geek@ifeden.com)
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 03:10:22 +0800

Do you have inexpensive laser heads that could be adapted to through the air terrestrial communication systems?

I'm particularly interested in secure point-to-point broadband for wireless solid state (UNIX) proxies for stereo wavelet hdtv over the internet. Something like the black boxes mentioned in this article:


Perhaps roof mounted, with superscalar ram wafers adapted for use as multi-gigabyte or terabyte ramdisks emulating SCSI hard drives in shareware Linux proxies. Possibly we could use small 3D micropositioning systems aim lasers between black boxes: maybe five or six such small ball-in-socket orbit joints to connect the rooftop communication nodes into a mesh or webwork of nodes?

I suspect that given the popular demand for high bandwidth, and the home electronics industry's willingness to mass produce HDTV flat panels for a low price, the DOD and DARPA will soon let go of previously classified RAM fabs (technology that was once necessary for storing terrain maps in cruise missiles [which now use simpler GPS chip technology]).

It's my understanding that terrestrial laser heads used in conjunction with solid state video proxies would enable rapid upgrade to ubiquitous broadband, enabling secure point-to-point or point-to- multipoint hdtv (uncompressed), or wavelet compressed for entertainment and education applications.

I'm interested in using nonlinear hdtv (frame level access to feature films) for a visual dictionary and online discussion forums that self assemble according to psychometric criteria.