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>> >The only hole in this, of course, is the lack of ability in most
>> for a citizen to "opt out" of government services. My brother feels
>> allowing opting out would be a bad idea. I think I agree, at least for
>> certain category B services that are both very important and whose
>> decreases as the amount of buy-in decreases.
>> For instance, the army. It's a tad hard to protect no 7 smith
>street from
>> nuclear weapons without protecting no 9 as well (even iof no 7 wants
>to pay
>> for it and no 9 doesn't).
>If there are no governments then who is going to bomb who? The reason
>we have wars in the first place is because one government has a beef
>with another government. If there is no central authority to attack,
>how does one wage war? If there's no government to surrender how does
>the aggresor declare victory?

Sorry, I thought we were talking about the real world. Any ideaology will have to spread from one place to another. It's going to be hard to set up the first libertarian country/area without everywhere else also being libertarian.

It's like pacifism. Great idea, but everyone has to become a pacifist at once.