Re: GPS BASICS: WAS:Re: BASICS: Property Rights

Eugene Leitl (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 20:45:27 +0100

Spike Jones writes:

> today there are gps guided
> reentry bodies that have not been used but there are detailed
> references to them in the open literature, some of it generated
> by me, and blessed by the censureship committee of lockheed
> martin.

Spike, are there purely optically guided missiles out there? I could think that it would be difficult for subradar missiles (would require some descendant of the silicon retina technology to recognize anything in all the blur), but for those coming right out of the blue (ballistic) it would be difficult to jam the CCD, but by very powerful lasers or nuke flares, and there would still be GPS and/or inertial navigation available.