Re: extropians-digest V3 #175

Cynthia Allingham (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 09:13:47 -0800

> Personally I disagree with the view that more intelligen people have
> higher ups and downs - it smacks of the romantic notion of the
> tormented genius. Psychological studies seem to suggest that gifted
> people tends to be more social and have fewer psychological problems
> than normal people.

It smacks to you of the notion of the tormented genius. But just because someone experiences higher highs and lower lows, doesn't means that they are in a wildly vacillating mental state.

Being able to achieve higher highs, also means being more able to enjoy simple things, such as watching a sunset or listening to a beautiful melody. Whereas an average person would need to do something more drastic to experience a high.

Being able to experience lower lows, also means that you learn from negative experiences, and you therefore are able to avoid them in the future.

Unimpaired ability to experience emotions is GOOD.