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> If we cannot determine what are NORMAL levels or what we can change
> to change our emotions, then theoretically, the
> more intelligent someone is, the more trouble they can run into when
> something goes wrong. Now, of course I'm implying here
> that I'm more intelligent than a lot of people, and when my emotions go
> off, I'm experiencing "far worse" things than someone
> with less intelligent -- but look at the demographics... People who
> are "less intellgent" seem to be more easily satisfied with the
> things that life has to offer them. Consequently, someone who is aware
> and can conceive of MUCH MORE than our lives
> currently offer, we could be MUCH LESS happier than those who never
> thought of those things in the first place..

You are assuming that happiness has something to do with having things. And happiness is considerably more complex than this.

Anyway, smart people ARE fundamentally different than dull people, with different needs and values.

One of the big problems with government is, that it treats all people the same way. The results of all the programs that good compassionate liberal types have devised for the benefit of criminals and the poor, show what happens when liberals insist on treating groups of people as if they were their own children.

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