The things to come (Was Re: The Education Function)

Eugene Leitl (
Sat, 12 Dec 1998 02:32:50 +0100

den Otter writes:

> Eh, shouldn't we *all* be somewhat concerned? Afaik, being
> a transhumanist isn't some kind of magic protection from
> the less pleasant byproducts of progress.

There's nothing you could do in case of a worst case event. The only really stable solution would seem to go postbiological as soon as possible, and hope that the technology is very tightly controlled during the migration phase. I don't believe in Blue Goo until its efficaciousness has been shown by modelling (here for once I'm not clamoring for empirical validation); intuitively due to situation's assymetry Blue seems to be in an intrinsically weaker position. Nothing at all can be done against a Blight (hard Singularity).

After migration is completed, the situation appears containable. Don't let the interesting times get you before, that's all.