Re: The Education Function

Fri, 11 Dec 1998 21:18:30 +0100

It appears as if Terry Donaghe <> wrote:
|Nonsense! In a pure capitalist society charities would not have to
|unfairly compete with the government. You seem to forget that it's
|perfectly acceptable for individuals to VOLUNTARILY donate money to
|charity. No coercion involved. Also, healthcare in a free market
|driven economy would be much cheaper.

Some will donate. Some don't.

I for one have never donated one single monetary unit. And nobody I know do. (Where are these great spenders? I would like a donation. :)

So... I am somewhat concerned that voluntary charity will raise much less money than the sums delivered through taxes.

The healthcare would probably become cheaper. But you also get what you pay for. The quality will not raise automagically. People with a small wallet would *have* to buy lower grade healthcare.

A healthcare plan only works if you have made money to store into the plan. People with bad health from the start, where will they get the money? Maybe I simply have a dark view of the human spirit. Maybe humans would real nice if they had a free market?