Re: BASICS: Anarcho-capitalism

Eric Ruud (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 10:18:54 -0800

>1. Why would anyone want to bomb me if I haven't done anything to them?
>2. I don't care about defence against enemy bombers, I care about defence
> against enemy bombs. As long as I can destroy or evade any bombs that
> might have hit near enough to cause damage to me, then that's all
> that matters. If they land on my neighbour, tough luck. If they would
> have landed on my neighbour if I hadn't destroyed them, well, that's
> good luck for him or her; it's irrelevant to me.
>3. Anyone who tries to bomb Transhuman Mark will be hit with massive
> retaliation. Anyone who looks like they're going to bomb me will be
> pre-emptively nuked. Defence is easy in an era of cheap mass-destruction
> weapons.
>Similarly for your fire example; I don't care whether my neighbour's house
>burns down as long as mine doesn't. If fire from his house is threatening
>mine, I'll do something about it; if that helps him, I don't care.

I believe the point of the comment was to say that there are certain things that affect everyone, no matter how much we'd like to believe that we can isolate ourselves and do the "you do your thing, I do mine," thing, like destroying the environment or getting hit by a nuclear bomb. Or ripping apart the fabric of space-time.