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Fri, 11 Dec 1998 00:10:59 +0800

"James D. Wilson" <>:

> That is interesting since the media still quotes the cost of a
> Tomahawk at $1M each whenever talking about Sodomizer Hussein's latest
> antics...

That must be why U.N. inspectors start encountering "uncooperative" Iraqis every time Boeing announces another wave of layoffs.

"Hey, Bob. The layoffs are coming. Budgets are looking tight. Send some EMP subliminals down to that guy over there so he doesn't cooperate. We'll stir up a little anti-U.S. hyteria, leading to a build up, then a couple of pinpoint strikes. We ought to be able to get $50 million or so in replacement orders in time for Christmas. Your group won't have to deal with the pink slips for another 2 years or so. By then, you should be eligible for full retirement."