Re: Travelling the Stars

Anders Sandberg (
11 Dec 1998 13:20:11 +0100 writes:

> A more fundamental question would seem to be: *Why* would you want to go to
> the stars?
> Survival, resources, curiousity maybe, but there aren't many reasons to
> go through all that trouble if you don't have to.

Most likely most people (and >people) would be content to stay at home, watching soap operas, trading idea futures or automorphing into jupiter brains with more interesting internal worlds than the external. But a small percentage would move outwards, mainly for curiosity or to get away from all the weirdos.

> Once you start to talk about the kind of powers we discuss here,
> stars are little more than balls of hydrogen gas wastefully burning
> themselves up. Why not dismantle them for fuel and live in mobile
> habitats in free space?

Perhaps because you have to get there first?

Dismantling stars is a few orders of magnitude of technology / energy use beyond just travelling relativistically.

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