The Clinton Chronicles (was : The Education Function)
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 20:48:37 EST

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> BTW, How da
> y'all like the way the people's Republicans are cavortin'
> w/impeachment in the Judiciary Committee and votin' ta rid us uv
> that turpitudinous man we elected twice (after the wake-up mid-term
> vote, even)?
> Joe

I can't tolerate socialists (democrats) but I find Republicans little better. At least democrats are honest about what they intend to do....the republicans lie about it prior to election and then vote like democrats after they get elected.

Which may explain the last election. You notice that all the republicans who lost were "moderates". That is...they got caught in their lies and were voted out. The staunch conservative republican incumbents had no trouble staying in office.

Actually I beleive a lot of people just decided to drop out of the process...there was no choice cases where the "choice was either a "moderate republican" or democrat there was really NO many just didn't bother to lend credibility to the process...they staid home.

Then there was Jesse Ventura. I wish I could have voted for him.

Regarding the impeachment opinion is the same as it has been. I want it to continue....he's guilty of purjury. I heard it.

I've listened to the House Judiciary Committee proceedings for the last many hours on PBS as I drive down the road. What planet is Maxine Waters from? And that "lady" representative from southern texas makes me ashamed of my state. "Drive the mars explorer over to the flag the astronauts left?"....

Such is the quality of those who make decesions that affect our lives......