Re: Pascal's Wager

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 09 Dec 1998 10:59:56 -0500

Zenarchy wrote:

> From: Anders Sandberg
> >Is it just me, or doesn't it look like there is ample room for an
> >interesting synthesis of transhumanist thinking with some of the
> >eastern philosophical systems without having to throw important things
> >like critical thinking and empiricism overboard (as you often have to
> >do when trying it with western religions)?
> Yes, I think so. Like other aspects of emerging singularity-related
> acceleration, the convergence of science and contemplative approaches seems
> entirely appropriate, if not inevitable. Notwithstanding the mysticism of
> books such as _The Tao of Physics_ (familiar to many on this list, no
> doubt), prominent men and women of science have occasionally offered
> enlightened comments concerning cosmology and the significance of life.
> Remember, for example, Einstein's famous line, "God does not play dice."
> (So, Pascal, take your silly wager and... )
> As an aside (and hopefully not to affend anyone), what does "western
> religions" mean?
> Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all come from the Middle East.
> Buddhism, and Taoism all come from the East. "western religion" must mean
> Paganism, Animism, and Shamanism?

Actually, Shamanism dates back to the aryan migration, which originated in central asia... Aminism / paganism are probably the only original pan-religions (of course Pan is a cool guy, I'd practice any religion he was in), which are east west and new world