Re: [Pigdog] Re: Pascal's Wager

Matt Alexander (
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 14:27:33 -0800

At 03:27 PM 12/7/98 +0100, KPJ wrote:
>|"Sorry guys, the Zoroastrians were right, you're all going to burn in
>|gehenna forever."
>No, according to <URL:> you are in error:
> Hell is a temporary place of suffering for sinners after death. When evil
> is finally defeated (at Frashegird), the souls of sinners will be released
> from hell, and will be purified by the ordeal of molten metal. They will
> then join the congregation of God and the saints.
>The eternal burning Gehenna exists in Jahve-worship.

... which, according to , is actually the worship of the insane Demiurge Yaldabaoth, and it is this Universe it created that is the lowest and most hell-like.

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