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>I do think that:
>a) executions should be publicized
>b) family members of victims should be given priority in pushing the
>c) the means of execution might be chosen to fit the crime. shooters
>should be shot, knifers should be guillotined, rape/murderers should be
>given that old punishment which the Romans used on female slaves: they are
>sat onto a large metal spike until it comes out their mouths. A fit
>punishment for a crime should make the perpetrator feel exactly how the
>victim felt. This would not be 'cruel and unusual', since it does not
>exceed the treatment that the victim received. If a killer knew that his
>punishment was going to meet that which he or she imposed on his or her
>victims, I think it would be a much better deterrent.
>I prefer justice which is aesthetically fitting.

I thought most studies had shown that brutal public executions don't actually deter people from crime. They just don't believe they are going to get caught and when they are, the thought of the punishment means they tend to be more violent in their attempts to evade capture.

If we are going to dispose of criminals (and I think this is reasonable in certain circumstances) something swift and painless would be my preferred method. And in private. We shouldn't be doing it for revenge, we should be doing it because the world will be a better place afterwards.