Re: Free will (was: Re: Nucleus Accumbens Transplant)

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> Michael Lorrey <>
> >My only question to those who simultaneously believe in many worlds, while also believing
> >in conservation of mass and energy: Where does all of the mass and energy come from? Many
> >Worlds talks about whole new universes splitting off all the time. Where is the mass and
> >energy for these universes coming from?
> If there are an infinite number of universes then mass and energy are still conserved,
> Infinity +1 = Infinity. If the number is only astronomical then either the conservation laws
> are not true at the largest scale or the number of universes is constant, if a universe splits
> off then someplace else two universes merge.
> John K Clark

Extropists, who presumably also well know the Law of Entropy, should know that the chances of two separate universes independently achieving the atom-for-atom relative locational identicality required for seamless merging (if even then it would be possible - something about two things in the same spacetime) is incalculably less than the chances of a single bifurcation allowing for one to split into two of them; therefore to assert that for each one that splits, two would merge seems to violate statistical laws. Joe
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