Re: DIPLOMACY: Memetic Morphing

Eugene Leitl (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 20:57:03 +0100 writes:

> *Shrug* What's so revolutionary about that? I had an Anamartic 128MB SCSI
> RAM wafer-drive six or seven years ago. Windows 3.x ran real fast when you

Nowadays this would have to be a 10 GByte solid state drive. Large drives do exist, but then they are limited to special niches.

> had all the executables and swap file on a SCSI drive with microsecond
> access time.
> Shame about the $20,000+ price-tag... apparently they mostly sold them as

The magnet domains limit the pit size if the head doesn't. Semiconductor structures are 0.25 um, and still shrinking fast. If a 200 mm wafer takes $500 to process, and uses defect mapping after production and during operation to catch failures, one cannot help but to start thinking strange thoughts. Then there are attempts to create nonvolatile solid state bits...