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Ralph Lewis (
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 09:02:22 -0800

Mike, try working in education. You will quickly learn that a lot of the money gets spent on "show" projects or dumped down the tube to support special populations, athletics, etc. There is also a quest for numbers of students over quality. This results in de facto open admission standards. At the same time faculty are rated on faculty evaluations which turn the classroom into a popularity contest. The result is not education but edutainment.

If we want to improve college education and REDUCE costs use the SAT score as a criterion for admission. Stop the special admits and track them to the community colleges where they can actually receive appropriate remedial education to be able to succeed in college. Na, that's too easy.

Best Ralph

Yes, I graduated from a public high school in '86. I had the highest SAT score
>in my high school class, that year my state had the highest average SAT scores
>in the nation (while having one of the highest levels of participation as
>GET THIS: That same year our state ranked at the bottom of all states in per
>capita spending on education.
>Since then spending has gone up, and average SAT scores have gone down...
>Mike Lorrey
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