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Mon, 7 Dec 1998 05:07:04 -0800 (PST)

---my inner geek <> wrote:
> > Until our government quits stealing our money and allows the free
> > market to provide the best possible education, we will remain an
> > ignorant country dominated by Psychic phone lines, professional
> > wrestling and scientology. :)
> The "government" will quit stealing our money when netizens as a
> whole agree to simply stop paying taxes. Here comes another Federal
> tax cycle in the U.S. I propose that we all simply stop paying on
> the same day, and that will be a sign of consensus.
> I believe the net has enough brainpower to enforce its will, these
> days. Someone just needs to set the date, so it's a class action.
> -------------------
I agree that eventually, the net along with other technologies will make the government more or less obsolete, however, as long as they have guns and we don't have a nonviolent way to resist (if we resist violently they can escalate to the point where we can't compete - tanks, missles, jets, etc.) the government can force us to pay taxes.

Perhaps what we need is some sort of elaborate bartering system for doing business over the net that couldn't be taxed.... I dunno...


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