Re: is surveillance technology extropian?

my inner geek (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 22:50:48 +0800

Spike Jones <>:
> i am searching my memory banks. there was an asimov short story
> does anyone here know the name of that story? spike

How about the possibility of multiple parallel universes, all scannable from something in pattern space, intelligent, and capable of recording conscious experience precisely enough to replay entire life cycles at will, just for the fun of it.

Rather than fake surveillance videos, just run through every possible parallel reality, *for real*, then remember each version of it.

Instead of faking something, do it for real, record all impressions, then hop back in time to the decision point where the universe branched, and play it back through the right brain as a intuitive impression. Take scenario planning to the next level: instead of visualizing, just render the reality, then rewind, then take a different branch on the decision tree.