Re: Dr Ettinger makes my day

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Thu, 03 Dec 1998 02:17:20 -0500

Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote:

>Damien Broderick wrote:
>> [Referring to Damien Broderick's THE LAST MORTAL GENERATION]
>Good title. (Incidentally, insofar as all my grandparents are alive and
>I was kind of hoping that would be my great-grandparents' generation.)
>And now, the two big questions:
>Are any of "us" in this new book?
>Are you looking for proofreaders?

My book references several people who frequent this list. In addition, I've tentatively selected a few people from this list to review the book prior to printing (the people whom I've quoted will, of course, have a chance to review my descriptions of their viewpoints to ensure I've captured their perspective accurately.) I even have a budget to pay these reviewers! Not enough to quit your day job but certainly enough to beef up your own library. :)

Damien mentioned _The Spike_ sold 5,000 in Australia. I think that's an outstanding run for book exploring the Singularity concept. My publisher has tentatively set the initial print run for my book at 100,000. I'm hoping the timing of the book's release, around 11/99 to 4/00, will bolster demand for the book as everyone begins to "future think" more. As for the title of the book, I've had the hardest time developing a title for the book. Its an arduous process because you want a title that conveys the book's subject yet also is accessible to the average layperson.

Maybe I'll have a contest at some point in the near future an offer a prize for the best title. :)

Doug Bailey