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den Otter <>

>Cameras are the closest thing we currently have to a "truth machine".

Everybody can't be watching everybody all the time so I'll just ask when nobody is watching me and commit my crime then.

>Imagine cops with cams integrated into their uniforms, their cars,
>their guns etc.,monitored by the people and government alike.

OK, the most important thing to monitor is the master data base because if someone controls that they control the world.

>"Now, enter the surveillance system. All data is stored at separate
>places (multiple redundancy) and for cross-referencing. When trying to
> fake evidence, one would have to break into *all* the encrypted databases

Encryption would be useless. There are no secrets in your world so I know what all the encryption keys are, I know all your other safety precautions too.

>and change *all* the relevant data (the nasty thing is that seemingly
> unrelated data can nonetheless serve to check the validity of primary data).

I don't believe actual history is the only logical way things could have happened, half the time it doesn't seem logical at all.

>This is a very tough job to do right,

I'll tell you what would be a very tough job, figuring out what I had changed and what I had not, and I'm only one man, millions if not billions would be doing the same thing, many just for fun. It would never stop and the data would become more and more unreliable.

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