Re: [MEDIA] Chicago Suntime's death penalty poll

Joe E. Dees (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 21:44:11 -0600

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> Brian D Williams wrote:
> > The Suntime's ran a poll in conjunction with yesterdays article
> > against the death penalty. To the question:
> >
> > "In the event of your murder, would you want the killer executed?"
> >
> > YES: 87% NO: 13%
> Proof that 87% of the population are still operating primarily on
> reptilian emotional-territorial circuitry. Am I supposed to be
> surprised?
> Paul Hughes

Not only that, but I would vote for a provisio that mandates that executions are performed in a manner that allows essential organs to be harvested, and that such harvesting is required, so that the murderers, unable to restore the lives they took, may at least partially pay in kind by sustaining the lives of others. Joe