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christophe delriviere wrote:
> Anders Sandberg wrote:
> > (the first explained history, the second was a
> > science fiction series and the third was about the body; today I find
> > them somewhat lacking, but they did fire up my thrist for knowledge
> > and nascent transhumanism when I was young).
> Yes, it was so great, especially , the second one... a great impact on
> my mind ;)Probably if I look at this now, I will find it rather stupid
> but the exposition to it had a deep impact in me...
> the original title was "Il était une fois l'espace", I think...
> I liked also a lot "galaxy express 999", it was an intersideral travel
> to get immortality, with peoples going insane about that, with
> robotics... probably one of the most transhumanistic cartoons I know of.

I used to love those "il etait une fois..." cartoons, but I thought they were canadians. By the way, there are now other series, still with the same stereotype characters along the episodes and the ages, I think it's about discoverers and inventors, and allways nice to watch :) (I still manage to get into the same suspended disbelief state as I used to)

Do you have those cartoons in the states??? What other enligthening/extropian ones did you (do you) watch?

I remember ulysse 31 which is a revisited not so classic homeric odyssee.

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