Re: EMERGENCY: Please help

Spike Jones (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 20:16:50 -0800

> Kathryn Aegis wrote:
> >
> > But there is another question here: Can you cryopreserve someone without
> > their prior consent? Could someone's family make arrangements without the
> > knowledge of the person involved? Is it possible that a group of relatives
> > could put Uncle Sid on ice even if he thought the whole idea was nuts?
> >

kathryn, this is something with which i have struggled mightily. i carefully approached my immediate family with the notion of cryonics, and their reactions astounded me. both my father and grandmother agreed such a scheme would probably work, but forbade me from arranging their cryopreservation. they do not wish to come back in the future. my mother thought it would not work, but allowed me to freeze her corpse if it would make me feel better.

now, i would not go against my father and grandmother's wishes, so, what if i had not said anything, but just gone ahead and made the arrangements? i have aunts and uncles to think about here, who have not heard the notion yet. obviously, until i resolve this, i will not mention it to them. what do i do?