Transhuman dinner technology

Anders Sandberg (
29 Nov 1998 15:25:12 +0100

"my inner geek" <> writes:

> When thinking about the resonance decay of Waterford Crystal toasts,
> I can help but ask how long the noise would last if the toast was
> made using goblets made of diamond?

Interesting. Since the speed of sound is higher in diamond, the tone would likely be higher pitched too. Nanobuilt goblets might even include microstructures to modulate the tone in some nice way (music playing goblets is somewhat tacky, though).

Can we come up with more "transhuman dinner technology"? Smart napkins are of course a must. I have been thinking of diamondoid knives, with sharpness determined by pressing one part of the surface. But what about the weight ergonomics? Do we need to weigh them down to make them comfortable?

On the other hand, chopsticks have the nice property of being used just by one hand, making it possible to both eat and gesticulate.

Nanotech dishwashing agents might be interesting, although they could be dangerous if trying to lyse the wrong things. "Never add the start signal while in contact with the dishwater!"

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