Re: death penalty extropian? a modest proposal

J. R. (
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 22:31:40 -0800

From: <>
>> (Oh, sorry, I had convinced
>> myself that science and technology could do practical things as well as
>> off more computer games and Borg movies.)
>I suggest that you try living for a period of time ....perhaps a year?....
>makeing any use of the benifits of the science that you apparently hold in
>contempt. Go back to first science at
>all...(Impossible...humanity is defined by technology...and thus
>you get the idea)
>Afterwards I'd be interested in how "practical" science is.

I love science, and always have.
Because I hold science in very high esteem, I despise the sorcerer's apprentices (less charitable folks might refer to them as assholes) who misuse it. Maybe I didn't state this clearly enough, or maybe you just didn't get it. My quarrel relates to pseudo-scientists who feign interest in solving real human problems, but who actually want things to remain the same.

As this relates to the topic at hand: Extropian science would look for the cause of criminal behavior which some people want punished by death. --JRM