Re: Gender and Cognitive Style

Natasha Vita-More (
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 13:05:51 -0600

"In time, each of us will be a completely changed being, shaped more by
external challenges than by our own desires." (_Mind Children_, Hans Moravec)

Biological blueprints and history provide an understanding of gender characteristics and inherent qualities. The cultural landscape that causes us to question and define ourselves will play a rapidly declining role as known today. Where once we judged a person by the starch in his shirt, or the number of children she could produce; in a less gender-distinct world we may enjoy the qualities of one another from a vantage point far removed from the bias that cripples our ability to move beyond rigid thinking.

Such rigidity is nibbled away like crudités by our impending future.

It has been my estimation that adrogeny (andr + gune) is a first step in the selection of qualities by *individual choice.*

Being transhuman may require some changes in our thinking styles that are not selected by choice, but out of necessity in the replacement of old parts as they wear out. Keeping in step, moving forward -- what Hans Moravec refers to as a type of Olympics.

Our "mind children" may instill a mix of qualities that are optimal, produce the best results and have no mention or reference to gender. These traits may be availably categorized by merit, rather than gender segregation. Changing style, thinking or gender distinct, is a process that must take place in order to move forward. The hard line intellectual/personality distinctions between male and female is becoming a soft-lead gaussian stroke.

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