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> In my experience, no 2 libertarians agree on everything, not even here in
> Australia which has very few libertarians to begin with.

Kind of like "Anarchists of the world.......UNITE!!!!!!".....????

Therein lies the heart of the problem...imho.

I'm either a libertarian or an anarchist. depends on the time of day. I don't want to boss anyone around...and I deeply resent BEING bossed around. It must be genetic because I've been like a fish swimming upstream all my life in that regard....I have a very solitary job...and prefer being alone to being in a crowd.

So we have a libertarian party...right. By BECOMING a party or member thereof...all the values and properties that describe an individual as opposed to a "team player" are lost. Possibly if you take a wolf and domesticate him he becomes a dog? According to current thought to fight them you have to become them...and thus we are lost.Having lost all differentiation from those whom we oppose.


Thankfully in my observation the prevailing trend of technology is opposing authoritarianism and consequent centralization.


Laptops as opposed to mainframes.

Desktop publishing as opposed to publishing houses.

Trucks instead of instead of Mass Transit.

The internet instead of Mass media....

and many more....

To counter the political process of today something else must be devised. Copying the political parties...becoming a politcal party...wont hack it.....Something analogous to the difference between a laptop vs a mainframe...

A vingean armadillo?

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