Basic Freedom Enlightement Test

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Thu, 26 Nov 1998 15:32:35 -0700

I'm in the process of developing some "enlightenment tests." This is the first. It corresponds to level-1 freedom. See

These Enlightenment Tests will be added to the Free World Order website <>.

I would appreciate your questions, comments, and suggestions for improvement.

Frederick Mann

Proposed text:

We have four enlightenment tests:

  1. Basic Freedom Enlightement Test
  2. Live Free Enlightement Test <link>
  3. Advanced Freedom Enlightement Test <link>
  4. Immortality Enlightement Test <link>

These tests were inspired by "The Infamous Enlightenment Test"

Basic Freedom Enlightement Test


Reason (rational thinking) is desirable because it tends to lead to beneficial results. Many forms of irrationality tend to be dangerous and ineffective, and should be avoided. (Certain creative thinking processes, such as "lateral thinking" can be highly effective, yielding unexpected, beneficial results.) We can continuously improve our thinking skills without limit. One of the most powerful tools for improving thinking skills is the ability to question everything.


Individualism is a desirable characteristic from the individual's point of view, meekness and conformism are not. The primary tools for developing individuality are questioning, exploration, experimentation, and self-expression.


"Political correctness" is usually a euphemism for "dogmatic nonsense." For example, all people are not equal. We are all unique individuals with considerable differences.


The foundations of basic freedom are: (a) property rights; (b) voluntary association and exchange; and (c) responsible contracts -- keeping your word. Of utmost importance is that nobody has the right to coerce another, i.e., initiate force, fraud, or violence against another.


The right to keep and bear arms is a sound principle which furthers personal empowerment and tends to reduce crime.


The state should stay out of matters such as drug use/sale, gambling, promiscuity, prostitution, pornography, abortion, and euthanasia. As long as an action doesn't harm anyone else against their will, it shouldn't be illegal. You have every (moral) right to ignore any law that violates this principle (at your own risk, of course).


One should take responsibility for the consequences of one's own actions. For example, blaming tobacco companies for one's lung cancer, a (possible) result of smoking, indicates irresponsibility.


Sanctimoniousness, ignorance, obedience, fear, and cowardice are among the most destructive factors in Western society. Things like poverty, high crime rates, the war on drugs, problems with [too many and the wrong type of] immigrants, high taxes, and coercive rule by a rich elite (oligarchy or plutocracy) all result from these factors.


Generally speaking, people get the kind of government they deserve. Although many people complain about the status quo, very few have the courage and wisdom to take effective action resulting in positive change. In a world with a majority of rational people, many of today's problems, such as those caused by warped political and religious ideologies, simply wouldn't exist. The self-perpetuating cycle of ignorance, obedience, fear, and cowardice is the proverbial "root of all evil."


Co-operation with like-minded people is very important, especially for anyone who agrees with most of the above.

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