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>First of all, by definition, the death penalty is not murder.
>Murder: 1) to kill a person unlawfully and with malice. (Websters
>new world dictionary)
>Second,I feel that the death penalty is the appropriate punishment
>for the unlawful and malicious killing of a fellow human being.
>I feel that the death penalty has it's problems however, it is
>often applied with a racial bias, and when it is decided upon, it
>takes too long to administer.
>I do not feel deterrence is a prerequisite for it's existence, but
>I feel that if it was applied fairly, equitably, and quickly, it
>could have a deterrent effect.
>Supporting arguments for/against?
>Member, Extropy Institute

It's been a while since I had the luxury of sitting down to write, but here goes:

The death penalty is indeed a proper solution to the problem of those persons who have shown themselves to be dangerous to others and incapable of being salvaged. In the future, we may have the means of repairing the mental problems of these individuals, but for now, I believe it is kinder to put them down as one would a vicious animal, without suffering.

The biggest problem I have with our present system is that the penalty is applied more as a method of earning political brownie points for prosecutors than as either a deterrent or as justice. Witness the many persons released from Death Row in the recent past, and the present situations in Illinois where more than a few times sentences have been overturned based on flawed prosecutions or missed evidence.

Here, some of our lawmakers have come out against a proposed moratorium on executions, sayiong that 'it's too bad if an innocent dies, but we have to act tough'.

Until the justice system can make absolutely certain decisions of guilt and motivation, I would advocate eliminating the death penalty.

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