Re: "Is the death penalty Extropian?"

maxm (
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 23:01:59 +0100

From: Brian D Williams <>

>>You can argue that a violent criminal is not that, and I would
>>have to agree. But wouldn't it be better to lock up the criminal
>>until he can be rewired with nanotech drugs or something else?
>>This way everyone would gain, and there could be some sort of
>>compensation to the wictims family when the reformed criminal
>>returned to society.
>But what about the victim?

The victim is death and does not care ;-)

>Since I believe the only current possibility of life after death
>involves cryonics, the debt owed the victim is infinite.

thats certainly an argument, but not very usefull in practice as far as i can see. The victim won't be able to recollect only the relatives. And the debt owed to them would no doubt be enourmous, but probably less than infinite.

>I postulate that the death penalty is the only just solution for
>the unlawful and malicious nonrecoverable termination of a fellow
>human being.

I don't see how you can call it a solution. What problem does it solve?


Max M Rasmussen
New Media Director Denmark