Re: TECH/NEWS: AOL about to acquire Netscape

my inner geek (
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 15:32:52 +0800

> "Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko" <> writes:

> Internet II (Broadband, Spread Spectrum Wireless, Distributed
> Parallel Supercomputing) can go to the pagans: New World Order: Men
> In Black: Security Sector Shepards of the Flock: Consultants on Call
> to the Telecom Companies and Mega ISPs.

Unfortunately, while this will transfer a lot of petroleum economy wealth from the Christians to the Pagans, it still does nothing to clear up traffic on the parking lot freeways.

If you want to get the roads clear, you need to eliminate moo-cow's need to drive to Blockbuster to pick up their VHS tape and DVDs. AOL's 15fps 120x90 mpeg clips scaled up to NTSC via a Wintel set-top box just aren't going to cut the mustard.

O.K., AOL's new Sun Microsystems wavelet compressed Blockbuster library might do a whole lot of good for lining Steve Case's Arlington Virginia CIA snoopshop wallet, but will we be getting frame level access at a decent price? I seriously doubt it.

Just another 5-10 years of planned obsolecence while Ma Bell continues to butt-fuck American consumers while sleeping with Rockefeller-inspired oil monopolies who try to suck the last penny from every living creature while smogging up the skyline, just so when their finished they can poison the water supply or Nuke their own populace in the name of National Security. I'm sure the Neutron bomb development programs continued perfectly uninterrupted over at General Electric. Good news, Philips just announced a light bulb that lasts for 2 years. Oh joy. Maybe in 2015 they'll spill the beans on their 1968 patented lightbulb that lasts 200 years.

Joy. AOL buys Netscape for $4 Billion in a 3 way cluster fuck partnership with Sun Microsystems. Bill Gates gets competition. Bullshit. More like petroleum economy slavery scheduled to continue for another 20 years, before the scheduled mass genocide starts.

Let's just start handing out the RU486, Viagra, and MDMA and get this over with.