The most inspirational books ever written <fwd>

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Mon, 23 Nov 1998 16:38:13 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

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this message is to inform you that I am trying to build a list of the most inspirational books ever written, by gathering the inputs of as much inspirational books readers as possible.

You are invited to vote for the book(s) that had the most profound effect on your life.

You understand that you will be among the first to visit my site, and that your vote is really important in order to tune up the list.

You may wonder how did I find your email address ? I just had a look on some other sites with inspirational books and I found that you have the same passion as me for books that feed the soul. If you think I made a mistake by sending you this email, please receive my apologies. It is the only way I found to receive a few
votes to tune up the list.

The most inspirational books site:

Thank you very much

Stephane Boucher

This kind of just fell into my lap, but I think that it would apply to many of the rest of you as well. I base this judgement on the extensive list of books recommended for reading that are located at the bottom of our Extropian Principles version 3.0. I'm just advising you to remember that vote is for inspirational, not merely educational. Sometimes, in interacting with others we may forget that to many other people these do not mean the same thing.

In Liberty, For Extropy;
BilLee Miller
member, ExI