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Randall Randall <> Wrote:

>> things are made of atoms and atoms have no individuality, if they can't even
>> give this interesting property to themselves how can they give it to me?

><> wrote
>In the same way that they can give greenness, or consciousness,
>though atoms have neither property themselves.

if the atoms in a blade of grass are are organized in the same way then both are green but there is only one green . If another bunch of atoms were organized in a Johnclarkish way it would be John Clark but there is only one John Clark.

>> If I have two printers printing out the same novel and I smash one is the book
>> destroyed ?

>Well, the one you stopped certainly is.

I don't care because nothing irreplaceable has been destroyed.

>> If I have two phonographs playing the same symphony and I smash
>> one machine what happens to the music?

>There certainly is *less* music than before

I don't care because nothing irreplaceable has been destroyed.

I never said destroying an exact copy of my brain would not make the make the slightest difference to anything, I only said that there is no logical reason to think it could make any difference to me, or even that I could tell that it happened.

John K Clark

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