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> Researcing tranhumanism in general I am studying humanism. Humansim has an
> ethics system based on rationality and the right to have your own values.
> This, and some postings on this list got me thninking about laws and
> On the surface it sounds like a good idea to eliminate the victimless
> from the law, like drug abuse etc. But what about something like the
> laws, where there is no wictim at first for driving without a license or
> other recless ways. Certainly more people will be killed or maimed. Isn't
> this a too high price to pay for the added freedom? I havn't made my mind
> yet.

Some people have suggested privatizing the roads. Let each company make their own rules for the own roads, let them issue their own liscenses (or respect the lisecses issued by some other organization), let them decide their own limit for DUI and DWI, with only the power to bar people from driving on their roads when they break it, and let them bear responsibility for keeping their roads clear in winter. If an accident occurs due to their negligence, they are open to a lawsuit, and if you don't like the way they run their roads, the accident rate on their roads, or the price of driving on their roads, you drive on a different one. In my opinion, some things are just not feasible to privatize, and roads are one of them (is there enough physical space for competition?), but this is how someone completely for it would respond. Another possibility, without privatizing the roads, is to hold any drunk driver who kills someone, or any driver at all who kills someone for that matter, completely liable for their actions, no different then a murder. I am not sure whether this would act as a deterent and actually cut down on anything.

> Does anybody know any good sources of the abolishment of victimless

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