Re: Gender and Cognitive Style

Timothy Bates (
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 19:29:52 +1100

Hi Patrick and list,

>No doubt you know the literature well in this area, but I don't see how the
>Goldberg reference below shows any evidence for sex-based cognitive
>differences caused by laterization.

Goldberg is pretty explicit. He suggests that only men are lateralised on his task and has studied this in neuropsych populations. His idea is that the context-dependent left hemisphere/context-invariant right hemisphere dichotomoy doesn't hold in grousp with two X chromosomes.

Will let you all know how a (modest size) study I am doing on this turns out.

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> I need as much information as possible about Searle's Chinese Room

Jim Balter <> replied:

It's a demonstration that you can't understand the philosophy of the mind merely by virtue of being known as a philosopher of the mind.


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